Neptune's Phase

Let's strip the information down to the essence: Neptune's Phase is producing intelligent pop music. And confined to the essence is also the music of Neptune's Phase. In search for the essentiell of the pop song Neptune's Phase range on the playing field between melancholic ballades and rock songs. There are tunes, pleasing frugal arrangements, and even more tunes. If you expect spandex trousers, larger-than-life gestures and bombast from pop music, you're definitely out of place. Others will take some catchy hook lines back home and spot a band varying skilfully between the musical genres singer-songwriter and alternative pop. The music stays in a way smooth and catchy, but anyhow far from some unplugged-attitude.
After several experiences with other bands in other towns singer and bassist mole formed the project.
For a periode of 3 years guitarist Rainer joined Neptune's Phase. From 2008 to 2009 Mel completed the band and left her mark with a bright jazzy and steadily forward-pressing drum style.After a few local gigs the band separated again in July 2009.

Wiederbelebt im Jahr 2014 mit der Überarbeitung einiger Songs aus dem alten Repertoire und einigen neuen Songs.